Further proof of the move to online auctioning

On 24th September, another commercial property investment was sold at singerviellesales.com by an online clicktopurchase® real time auction.

The property in question was a car park investment in Bedminster let to NCP. In reaction to strong interest generated from our unique marketing platform, a clicktopurchase® auction was announced. With the bidding commencing at 11:04am, the winning bid was made at 11:11am resulting in a legally binding online exchange. Visit our website to watch a recording of the auction.

The 50th clicktopurchase® exchange achieved with valuable input from our franchisee

Singer Vielle has continued to successfully pioneer the move to online execution in the property market. The sale in Bedminster was the 50th clicktopurchase® exchange which uniquely brings the following features to the market:

• Speed; certainty; transparency; accountability; ease; flexibility

We are pleased that the sale in Bedminster occurred within the West Country region of Singer Vielle’s first franchisee, where local knowledge proved invaluable in assisting purchasers. Singer Vielle is uniquely building a franchise investment agency network to provide an enhanced service to clients.

UK and Overseas Buyers continue to visit singerviellesales.com

We have witnessed an increase in market demand from a cross-border audience. As well as UK traditional interest, we have recently been approached by distant purchasers from Saudi Arabia, Israel and Hong Kong. Maximising exposure has enabled us to successfully sell various car showroom investments, whilst we are selling our fourth industrial property in Leeds in as many months. Overseas and UK purchasers have widened their search criteria with demand increasing for both secure and more opportunistic situations at singerviellesales.com

1st October 2013